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Top 10 Free Weekend Activities

Children playing at a playground

By Makebra Bridges

Remember when you were a child and you couldn’t wait to go outside and play? You stayed outside so long, your mother had to drag you in the house kicking and screaming. Now that school has started, your child’s week will be filled with learning, homework, practice and after-school activities. When they are home on the weekend, let the good times begin!

Don’t let your child sit in front of the T.V. watching movies and playing video games all day. Get up and get moving. Go outside with your child and show them what being a kid is really all about. Here are some classic games that you can play as a family. Use the weekend to spend time together and do things your family is sure to enjoy.

  1. Kickball. This is an all-time favorite for kids of all ages. The rules are very similar to baseball, but instead of hitting the ball, you kick it.
  2. Freeze tag. This is a great way for kids to let out some energy. It’s a great game for older kids and an unlimited number of kids can play. Whoever is “it” chases the other kids around and tries to tag them. When you’re tagged you have to freeze in place until everyone is frozen.
  3. Jump rope. This is a classic for little girls all over the world. Of course, boys can do it also. All you need is a jump rope, two turners, and a jumper. Each person can rotate jumping.
  4. Finger painting. This is a great indoor activity for small children. Buy a cheap set of finger paint from your local craft store and that’s it. You can finger paint on notebook or recycled paper, and even the wall! Older kids may enjoy painting with watercolors.
  5. Coloring. You can occupy your child’s time by sitting him or her down with their favorite coloring book and a set of crayons. When they’ve finished coloring, be sure to hang their picture on the refrigerator or on the wall in their bedroom.
  6. Gardening. Spend some quality time with your little one in the garden. Let him or her help you as you pick weeds, water the lawn, or plant flowers or vegetables. See tips to grow a vegetable garden.
  7. Hide-and-Seek. Hide and seek is a neighborhood favorite. One person is the “it” person or the counter. While he or she is counting, everyone else hides. When the counting stops, the “it” person begins to look for everyone. While he or she is looking, the other children must make it to base safely. If they get tagged by the counter, they become the next “it” person.
  8. Water play. You don’t have to have a swimming pool to enjoy water play. If you have a sprinkler system or a water hose, use it to let your child get wet and cool down from the sun. Tossing balloons filled with water is also a favorite activity for kids (and adults) of all ages.
  9. Sing-a-long. If the weather is bad, sit down with your child indoors and teach each other new songs or create new ones together. You will both love the quality time and beautiful music you will make together.
  10. Day at the park. When all else fails, walk to your neighborhood park and let your child enjoy playing with other children as they swing, slide and get dirty in the sand.

Photo credit: dreamponderCreate

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