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Spring into Summer: Activities for Kids

Before you know it, summer will be here. So, what will you and your kids be doing this summer?
Find College Scholarships
Although anytime is a great time to start preparing for college, your kids can use their free time this summer to look for college scholarships. Visit the Beehive’s School section to:
Sign Up for Summer Camps
No matter what your kids are interested in, you can find a summer camp that’s perfect for them. There are camps for soccer, wilderness, art, college preparation, special needs, religion, and much more. Camps fit all budgets and all schedules (from day camps to overnight ones). Check out these sites to find a summer camp that’s just right:
Help Your Kids with Summer School

If your kids will be in summer school instead of a camp, visit the Beehive’s Homework Help center to make sure they stay on track.

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There is a great website called Camp Network, , that provides a list of summer camp scholarships in the United States. They let you apply directly to the camp or organization providing the scholarship. Great tool for parents seeking some financial aid. You can view camps with scholarships and apply for them directly at